The Digital Age of Communication

Remember when letters took days, if not weeks, to reach their destination? We’ve come a long way since then. Today, email has become the backbone of global communication. With a whopping 4.38 billion users, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. In the bustling corridors of the business world, email is the unsung hero, delivering attachments, links, and even analytics with a mere click. Isn’t it fascinating how a digital tool has transformed our communication landscape?

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The Rise of Text Messaging in Business

Raise your hand if you remember when text messages were just for “LOLs” and “BRBs” with friends. Times have changed, haven’t they? With smartphones becoming as essential as our wallets, text messaging has evolved from casual chats to a crucial business tool. Imagine blending the power of email and SMS? It’s like having a superhero duo working for your business communication!

Why Email Trumps Phone Calls for Reference Checks

Ever played phone tag? It’s not as fun as it sounds. Waiting for callbacks, the constant game of missed calls—it’s a hassle. Now, think about email. It waits patiently in your inbox, ready when you are. For reference checks, the flexibility of email is unparalleled. Why chase someone on the phone when an email allows them to respond at their leisure?

The Archival Power of Email

Picture this: a vast library where every conversation is documented. That’s your email. Unlike fleeting phone calls that vanish into the ether, emails stay, providing a clear trail. For HR professionals, this isn’t just convenient—it’s essential. Compliance, tracking, and clarity, all bundled into one.

Email Authenticity and Security

Ever received an email from a “prince” offering you a fortune? While scams exist, emails have unique identifiers to spot them. Plus, the ability to embed direct links to surveys? That’s like having a fast-track lane for reference checks!

Hiringcue’s Efficient Reference Request System

Enter Hiringcue, the maestro of email-based reference requests. With a focus on automation and efficiency, we’ve fine-tuned the process. An 18-hour average turnaround time and a 98% completion rate? It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Prioritizing Data Security

In the digital age, data is more valuable than gold. And like gold, it needs top-tier protection. Hiringcue understands the importance of data security. With robust encryption methods and a commitment to adhering to the highest standards of data protection, rest assured, your data is safeguarded with utmost care. Trust in Hiringcue’s commitment to ensuring every piece of information remains confidential and secure.

The Synergy of Email and SMS in Reference Checks

2019: Email. 2023: Email + SMS. Hiringcue’s introduction of SMS has been a game-changer. With SMS’s impressive open rates, combined with email, it’s a powerhouse ensuring swift responses. It’s like having a turbo boost for your recruitment drive!

The Combined Strength of Email and SMS

Imagine a tag team of email and SMS in the communication wrestling ring. While email brings versatility to the table, SMS adds the punch of immediacy. Hiringcue leverages this duo, ensuring that reference requests are not just fast, but lightning-fast.


In the grand tapestry of business communication, the threads of email and SMS shine brightly. Hiringcue, with its forward-thinking approach, weaves these threads into a masterpiece, offering recruiters a seamless, efficient, and robust reference check system. As the digital age marches on, tools like Hiringcue aren’t just useful—they’re indispensable. Ready to step into the future of recruitment?



Gary Kirksey CEO – Hiringcue

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