Bring confidence to all your hiring decisions

Hiringcue is setting the standard in automated reference checks software. Our system does away with time-consuming phone call and instead uses an intelligent cloud-based solution. The result? The hiring process is now faster, and the hiring team is more effective.

Automated Reference Checks

Take the doubt out of your hiring decisions. Hiringcue’s Automated Reference Checks give you, unbiased, honest answers regarding your applicant’s past performance.

So, put down the phone and automate your reference checking.

Pre-interview Questionnaire

The Pre-Interview Questionnaire is a series of questions that allow you to learn more about the candidate prior to the interview. It asks them to provide information related to their job preferences, career goals, and what their key motivators are.

Save time and money by pre-screening applicants before spending hours interviewing. Build your own questionnaire or choose a questionnaire from our library.

Interview Debrief

Gathering everyone’s opinion about an applicant after the interview can be frustrating, to say the least.

Hiringcue’s Interview Debrief allows you to quickly gather all participants opinions on the applicant, using our unbiased and independent format.

Passive Candidate Database

Passive Candidate is a candidate who is not actively seeking a new job. They are usually happily employed but who would be willing to hear about new career opportunities.

Build a pipeline of currently employed, qualified, passive candidates simply by reference checking your current applicants.


Whether you need reference checking, or you want to grow your list of passive candidates, or tired of chasing interviewers. We have what you are looking for.


Are you tired of the time it takes to do one reference check? It only take 60 seconds using Hiringcue.


We price based on the number of credits you buy.  Your cost can be as low as $4.99 per reference..

Better insights

Get better insights into your candidates past work performance. Know the past to predict the future.

Get unbiased opinions

Gather unbiased opinions, quickly and easily, by simply inviting your interviewers to complete the interview debrief


Beautifully designed reports that give you all the information you need to make good hiring decisions.


The best part of Hiringcue is that it is easy to use. Reference checking doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be fast and effcient.