The Great Resignation may be one of the most surprising aspects of the global pandemic through 2020 and 2021. You would think that global uncertainty would drive people to stay in their jobs, but with long-term stress, the effect was the opposite.

 People who had days and weeks alone inside to contemplate their lives suddenly realized what they were doing wasn’t worth it. And in 2021, over 38 million people quit their jobs, with many looking for better positions and better pay.

 What can you do to win candidates to your job during this time? It’s all about offering the right kind of work and closing the deal quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

1. People Are Looking For Flexibility & Better Work

The primary reasons people are quitting, beyond concerns about COVID-19, are that they want better working conditions and many need remote work options or flexibility because they have children that are not attending school in-person full-time.

 How can you tap into those desires? First, make sure that you connect each position in your company to the overall mission of the organization. People want to feel like they make a difference in what they do, and they are more likely to respond to job postings that have a clear purpose.

 Next, be sure to highlight remote work and flexible work options. People are increasingly wanting to work from home or have the flexibility to design their own schedules, and that has become non-negotiable for a lot of top talent.


2. Take Advantage of Automation to Hire Quickly

You aren’t the only company interested in hiring those who are looking for a better situation in 2022. How can you beat out your competitors? Be quicker with the hiring process and make the job offer first.

 Of course, you don’t want to do this by skimping on the assessment of candidates. Instead, take advantage of pre-interview questionnaires to narrow the field quickly, and then send out automated reference checks to investigate candidates further.

 Saving interview time and avoiding the phone tag game can help you evaluate candidates very quickly while still being thorough. As a result, you’ll be making great hires while your competitors are still stuck in the process.


3. Showcase Employee Benefits

Finally, you’ll be able to win new candidates to your organization by showcasing the employee benefits you have that make life easier. We’re definitely not talking about pizza parties!

 Instead, talk about the wellness programs you have that help employees manage stress. You can talk about the praise and recognition that is common in your culture, the fact that taking a vacation is not frowned upon, and more.

 Of course, if these things are not true in your organization, you’ll want to help your leadership understand the kind of workplace culture that today’s top performers are looking for. It may be important to make changes if you want to attract new talent.


4. You Can Win Ideal Candidates Today

As people quit their jobs in record numbers, you can find more qualified candidates than ever for your job openings. If you’re going to catch their attention, the strategies in this article will take you a long way.

If you’re interested in using automated reference checks and pre-interview questionnaires to speed up your hiring process, sign up for a free trial today. No credit card required.  You’ll be amazed how much these tools help your hiring team!

After you start your free trial with Hiringcue, use voucher code 2022STAFFCHX for an additional 3 free credits. 


Gary Kirksey

Hiringcue Founder and CEO

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