LinkedIn is one of the best places to find ideal candidates for your job openings. LinkedIn reports that 70% of the workforce is made up of talent that isn’t actively job searching, but most of them are open to new opportunities.
How can you find a great candidate on LinkedIn and reach out to them quickly? Here are three signs that someone is a great candidate for your opening. Once you find these candidates, take advantage of a pre-interview questionnaire to reach out and learn more about them!

1. Frequent Updates

Someone who frequently posts their thoughts on LinkedIn is showing initiative to stay active and network within their industry. Linking articles, sharing achievements, and congratulating others show they are likely to be receptive to opportunities to move up and grow in their career.

Another advantage of LinkedIn activity is that it allows you to see how the candidate interacts with others and can show you signs of a team player. Once you notice someone who seems active and professional on LinkedIn, you can follow up and make an appointment to learn more before referring them to your open possition.

Pressed for time? Not a problem. Our pre-interview questionaire and automated reference checks make vetting a candidade east and efficient.


2. An impactful, focused headline and summary

The professional summary can give you insight into a candidate’s work history and skills, but also into their work ethic, values, and passions. A summary that helps you understand how someone got to where they are today gives you the confidence that they will work hard in a new role as well.

Having a targeted headline also shows strategic thinking and an openness to new opportunities. Professionals know that recruiters look for specific skills and keywords in their profiles. If they highlight those things, it’s a great sign.

On the other hand, someone who rambles or gives too much detail about everything they’ve ever thought about or done may struggle to prioritize what matters vs. what’s trivial. They also might be self-focus and long-winded.

great candidate on LinkedIn


3. A clear progression in professional work

Not everyone who’s talented will spend a decade with a single employer – in fact, they rarely will. However, there’s an obvious difference between someone who is progressing in their industry and someone who is job-hopping aimlessly.

It’s important to have ten years of experience, not one year of experience ten times. Pay attention to the types of jobs they’ve had over time and whether they seem to have a purpose and direction in their career.

If you’re interested in finding out more about their initiative at work, references can make a big difference. When you take advantage of automated reference checks, you can review more references more quickly, saving you time and helping you find the very best candidates.

great candidate on LinkedIn


Find your ideal candidates today

Looking on LinkedIn is a great way to identify candidates that are open to new opportunities and have a strong professional background. Of course, an online profile can only tell you so much. That’s why a pre-interview questionnaire and reference checks are an important part of an efficient hiring process.

If you’re ready to get the best candidates for your openings, start your free trial with Hiringcue today. No credit card is required.


Gary Kirksey

Hiringcue Founder and CEO

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