pre-interview questionnaires

Streamline Recruitment with Pre-Interview Questionnaires

Gain greater insights before your interview!

Our pre-interview questionnaire is a carefully crafted series of questions designed to help you gain invaluable insights into each candidate’s professional background and aspirations. By gathering key information prior to the interview, you’ll be able to make more informed hiring decisions and identify the best possible candidate for the role.

Save time

Reduce the amount time that managers and recruiters must spend in interviews.



Allows you to reduce the number of interviews by pre-qualifying your candidates.



Gives you insight into what types of activities the applicant values the most.


Better Information

Allows the candidate to provide additional information and provide information specific for the job.


Questions Library

Choose from our library of pre-interview screening questions or make up your own questions.

The numbers

Optimize your recruitment process with a strategic and efficient approach. Rather than allocating a substantial amount of time to interviews, allocate resources to identifying critical information about candidates that may be omitted in their resumes or not typically discussed during interviews due to time constraints.

Organizations have found success in incorporating select interview questions within their questionnaires, as it can significantly reduce the duration required for formal interviews. By implementing this method, you can swiftly identify candidates who align with your job requirements and core competencies.

  • Resumes received from job ad – 200
  • Resumes you are interested in – 20
  • Interviews qualified with Pre-interview survey – 12


Look qualified

after pre-interview questionnaire




“Using pre-interview questionnaires has saved us valuable time in identifying qualified candidates.”


“We’ve seen a significant reduction in the time spent interviewing since implementing pre-interview questionnaires.”


“Pre-interview questionnaires allowed us to focus on key qualifications during the interview.”


“Thanks to pre-interview questionnaires, we’ve been able to quickly identify top-notch candidates.”