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According to a CareerBuilder survey, 58% of employers have caught a lie on a resume. The most common lies are embellishing skill sets and previous responsibilities.

One of the most memorable noted in the survey was this: The applicant claimed to have been a construction supervisor. The interviewer learned the bulk of his experience was in the completion of a doghouse some years prior.

Obviously, that can make a big difference in how well an applicant fits your position!

Why Automated Reference Checks are the New Way Forward

What is an Automated Reference Check?

As any HR department knows, the most frustrating part of reference checks is the time it takes to call people, actually get ahold of someone, and ask the relevant questions. You’re often left playing “phone tag” for days at a time. On average, a traditional reference check total time from start to finish takes 2 hours. The average time it takes to actually make contact with the referee is 3 days.

 An automated reference check removes that concern. The reference check is online, and has four simple steps:

  • The recruiter invites the applicant to the system
  • The applicant enters relevant references
  • Each reference receives an invitation with a questionnaire
  • You receive a final report where all the reference answers are brought together

 You need 60 seconds to start the process, and you’re on your way! The questionnaire is fully customizable, as well. You can choose your own reference check questions or use a pre-made option. Best of all, each reference check is only $4.99. 


How Pre-Screening and Fast Reference Checks Help You

Being able to get quick, accurate, low-cost reference checks is an HR dream come true. You save so much time using the online reference system offered by Hiringcue, and you get a lot of details that you might miss over the phone.

 Everything is written, so you automatically have documentation of every detail. This can help you catch a lot of things that would be missed over the phone, and can help you if you have to follow up on a claim later. The extra information makes it simple to compare candidates to each other and gives you greater insight into each applicant.

 Most of all, you’re saving a tremendous amount of time. No more phone tag, no more moving applicants forward because you can’t reach someone during business hours. Automated references and pre-screening also help you streamline your interview process by recording information you might have sought during an initial in-person interview. You can skip meeting with unqualified candidates and focus your time on the very best applicants. 


Reference Checks Are a Powerful Source of Hiring Leads

As you use the automated reference check system, you’re building a database of people you’ve reached out to for information. These are generally coworkers or associates of folks you’ve been interested in hiring.

 When you have another open position, where will you look for candidates? Why not reach out to the references of great hires you’ve made in the past? The reference form will include the name, contact, and job title, company. You can contact these folks and see if they are interested in your open position.

 Over time, you’ll build a huge database of passive candidates simply by continuing your usual hiring process with automated reference checks. These qualified professionals are a great source of new employees and can help you save time and money on advertising open positions. 


Use Automated References to Improve Time to Hire

The COVID-19 pandemic has put millions of people out of work, and many of them will be looking for new openings in the very near future. You want to fill your positions quickly, but you can’t afford the cost of a bad hire.

 Using automated references will allow you to hire quickly without sacrificing quality. You’ll save time and money while still matching the best applicant for your open position. It’s time to take advantage of the unusual surplus in the candidate market and find the best people for your company now.

 Are you ready to get started with automated references? It’s only $4.99 per check and will free up your recruiters to continue sourcing top talent.

Contact us today to sign up! Recieve 3 free credits and of course, no credit card required.

Gary Kirksey – CEO


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